Friday, January 22, 2016

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CSMonitor article on Chinese facepaint/cosmetics that are contaminated with heavy metals.

but the consumer advocate group behind the report insists this was "unintentional" but due to  “a lack of manufacturer testing and regulatory oversight.”"

No, it is because the country is corrupt, and either the law is not there, no one bothers to check if the law is followed, or a small bribe will get you a pass: And using these dangerous ingredients is cheaper than using quality control and non toxic ingredients.

Nor is it just with cosmetics:

 In 2007,The Christian Science Monitor’s Peter Ford wrote about a spate of regulatory oversights by China on exports to the US, including pet food contaminated with toxic waste, defective truck tires, lead paint in toys, and even poisonous toothpaste. While Beijing began a concerted effort to crack down on these violators, Ford suggested the real culprit is a lack of free elections, press, and independent courts:
no, it's the corruption stupid: elections and a free press won't stop you if a bribe lets you get away with it.

related link: Poisonous makeup has a long history..


calling art bell post of the day:
who is that dude in the clouds?

latest book from the Metropolitan Museum of art LINK masterpieces of painting

Spiked explains how "transgenderism" evolved from a personal choice that moralists could condemn and ordinary folks disdain, to a medical condition that was outside the moral law, to a right that is backed by the gov't (which will silence you if you dare disagree).

But of course, this is only part of a much larger "gender agenda", which will eliminate the family, make children the enemy, and make women and men the same.

even the Pope knows this and has pointed out the problem:
Sexual differentiation, therefore, exists not for creating conflict or a situation of subordination, but for reciprocity and fruitfulness -- "for communion and generation, always in the image and likeness of God," the pope said.
read the whole thing...


Out: Schroedinger's cat

In: the quantum Pidgeon.


did you miss national Squirrel appreciation day ?

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