Saturday, January 16, 2016

Family news

Ruby's school had a cotillion yesterday, and they came back late.

They are going back to Manila Monday.

I am short of cash: Not really but I am trying to stick to a budget and getting tight with money so my savings stop shrinking.

We have two new puppies: from the farm, shy and skinny. They are starting to get friendly, and last night they cried and cried, and then went silent. A few minutes later, George our killer Lab went to the door and scratched to go out. I went out to see the problem, and found the puppies frolicking happily under the sofa where our watchman was trying to sleep. They just were lonely.

This morning, I heard a loud puppy crying, and saw a small dog in the drainage ditch, covered with tarry black gunk, and thought it might be ourr puppy, so I got him out, only to find he was a I picked him up in a trashcan and brought him in....after he settled down, he got a bath and I found he was a she... a golden retriever like puppy...

But she was having episodes of mild seizures/twiches, so I had her checked at the vet, where they said she probably swallowed some toxins since rabies usually is constant and in between the episodes she was friendly and playful.

One of our workers saw her and said he'll take her home if we can't find the owners. We are asking around but so far no one claims here. (Often people just throw unwanted dogs and kittens into the vacant lots and they wander to the ditch to drink... usually the kittens die even if I rescue them, but the dogs often become feral dogs, hiding in the weeds, getting thinner and thinner until you find them dead. But this puppie is so friendly I suspect she might have a home nearby.

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