Friday, January 29, 2016

First came the turkeys...then came the dolls

first airlines had to accommodate service dogs for their blind customers, but in recent years various people with odd anxieties decided they absolutely positively had to have their hamster/pig/turkey with them as a "medically required emotional support animal" companion.

So what's next?


The NZHerald reports on a fad in Thailand where human looking dolls can fly with you as a fellow passenger, and even be fed by flight attendants.

While on a Thai Smile Airways (part of national carrier Thai Airways) flight, the dolls are expected to abide by the same rules as human passengers. They must wear a seatbelt when instructed and will be offered food and drink throughout the flight...
 Photo / Instagram, vitrawee

The dolls are thought to contain the spirits of child angels and are pampered with fancy clothes and accessories in the hope it will bring good luck.
more HERE.

Presumably they will have to go through security and searched just like regular passengers, since recently some enterprising criminal has used a doll as a drug mule.

but this last article adds:

Luk Thep dolls, first popularized last year by a number of celebrities, are like a regular doll but with a child’s soul inside. Similar to the kumarn thong of old, Luk Thep do not require a human fetus or genuine child’s soul, instead one is simply “invited” inside to possess a factory manufactured doll.
Huh? what was that about a human fetus?

Well, this article explains about the kumarn Thong idol...

The article explains that keeping the KumarnThong ghost will help you and your family, and the fetus part is based on a folk tale about a soldier who made a doll from the dead fetus after his pregnant wife died.

But I have to warn you that the WIKIPEDIA article goes deeper into the occult side of the practice.

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