Friday, January 15, 2016

heh. An oscar nominated film I actually saw

Inside Out has been nominated for best animated picture.

I downloaded it illegally for Ruby, since it didn't get shown in our area and I heard it was good. It is.

However, I suspect what will win is the "quirky" film about a belly button gazer, complete with sex scenes, that made a tiny amount of money in only 17 theatres.

No, Peanuts, the good Dinosaur, and Minions weren't nominated.

But Shaun the Sheep was.

Go Shaun! No, I didn't see that one either, but the TV show is on Youtube...

The other movies? Meh.

The Martian was in Manila but didn't get here, and I am looking forward to seeing Joy on HBO. But the rest? Either same old story or too violent.

My comment about the bear attack film: Luckily for him it was just a black bear. If it was in the Rockies, and the attack by a much larger grizzly, the movie would have lasted only five minutes.

Black bears are around populated areas, but luckily rarely attack unless you get too close to their cubs or to their food supply.
But a lot of our patients in Minnesota were afraid to jog because of bears, and I've seen them near town when we lived in Appalachea. So no, I won't root for the bear.

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