Thursday, January 21, 2016

Stories against the talking points

a lot of the pundits are wondering why Sarah Palin, who they hate and have caricatured as a rabid conservative, would back a nutty pragmatic businessman like Trump.

Well, maybe because her caricature is at odds with her actual record.

From the Oregonian in 2011 on her taking on the entrenched Alaskan oil companies.

ReasonBlog notes that an upcoming Newsweek article will blow apart the main witness as a known liar in the Philadelphia altar boy scandal that put several priests in jail.

headsup Instapundit

reminds me of a case we had in central PA: the accuser was known to be lying, but was coached by his older brother, who had met the priest in a local gay bar and saw a suit as a way to get easy money.

The jury knew this (the entire diocese knew this) but they gave them money anyway, knowing that the bishop had left other priests off the hook for real crimes because they persuaded the families not to report.


re previous post: SenseOfEvents discusses the US gov't classification system, and what it means.

There are three classification labels. From lowest to highest they are Confidential, Secret and Top Secret.
Each label is a notice as to what level of physical (think, "lock and key") security the document or material is required to receive. That is, a TS document must be maintained under stricter physical security than a Secret document, which in turn must be maintained under stricter physical security than a Confidential document. And the same applies for electronic security.
And that is really all that classification labels do: require certain levels of physical or electronic security.
this is basic stuff, and why a lot of folks are upset at Hillary's lack of security for her private email system.


StrategyPage says ISIS is sucessful partly because they hired Sadam's old administrators.

after Petreus managed to turn them around to stop the terrorists, it was thrown away:

That effort (Sunni insurgency) was crushed by 2008 but the corrupt Shia government forced the Americans out in 2011 and, ignoring U.S. advice, froze out the Sunni Arabs and drove many right back to the Islamic terrorist groups
The Chinese landed a plane on one of their artificial islands in the West Philippine sea, sending a shudder not only to us but to Korea and Japan, who use the sealanes to get much of their oil etc.

  but the real reason for the sealane grab is this: oil.
Ha   the Vietnamese call the area the East Vietanamese sea.


HIV mystery: Few HIV cases in the Philippines, but a recent upsurge in cases.

Along with India and Pakistan, the Philippines is seeing new infections and AIDS-related deaths sharply rise among men who have sex with men and among transgender women, sex workers and people who inject drugs.

My opinion? low number because of "tuli" and Catholicism. Local gays are integrated into village society but pretty well limit their activity.

Upsurge: the pro gay (pro promiscuity) pressure form the US gov't and media: the bar scene in Makati is pretty "rough", similar to that in the USA... and the increase in gay sex tourism...


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