Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Stories behind the headlines plus rants

 The Oregon mess backstory: convicted for burning noxious weeds and accidentally burned 100 plus acres of federal land.

(note to those not living in the USA: ranchers lease federal land to graze cattle, and land left feral will revert to weeds noxious to cattle, and that spread seeds to nearby private land, not to mention that dead, overgrown weeds can be a fire hazard. When I lived in Idaho, I had to keep goats and a calf on my land for this reason. And although 100 acres sounds huge, in the west, this is enough land for only one or two cows to graze.)

The second fire set was a preventive backfire set on their own land, but burned only one acre of federal land.

the lower court realized this was accidental, not sabotage, and imposed a short sentence...But an upper court insisted the longer sentence to jail be imposed as if this was terrorism or arson...

Hmm...wonder how much time was spent in jail when Los Alamos burned down from a government set preventive fire?

and no: I don't support these protesters any more than I support the PC ones so beloved of the MSM.


Reuters on the Shiite cleric who was executed by the Saudis.

Wikipedia (caution) article on mistreating the Shia in Saudi.

ISIS has car bombed two Shiia mosques in Saudi last year.

the backstory goes back to Mohammed's grandson. Many locals in the Gulf area (including the independent states) have Shia majorities and Sunni rulers (although Saudi only has 10-15% Shiites in the total population).

Iran, as the center of Shia Islam would like to make all these areas Shia theocracies and allies.

However, the Arab/Persian feud goes back a millenium before Islam.

heh: Guess who is behind all of this?

 The branch of Imam Mohamed Bin Saud University in Fairfax, Virginia instructs its students that Shia Islam is a Jewish conspiracy."[32]
/s (sarcasm off)

Aside from a war that would stop the oil flowing, why should we care?

Because 2 million Pinoys work in the Middle East...and the gov't is keeping tabs on what is going on. If they all came back, many families would be devastated because their wages support the extended family...

related item: StrategyTalkpodcast on militant Islam... more HERE

Backstory on Francis' undermining the "family synod" with pedophile enabler is known in the conservative Catholic blogosphere.
and in the UK Scandal press LINK2

Ah but do you know that Daneel's successor is rebuilding the church, getting vocations, and was not invited?

Father Z rants on the backstory of the vocation crisis

why is this important? Well, a church takeover by this "reformer" bunch will probably lead to a schism, but in a worst case scenrio, will lead to a church willing to kow tow to the Imperial government...

a takeover of one billion Catholics by a PC church is one way to silence an independent voice that opposes tyranny (for example: Tita Cory + a million Pinoys saying the rosary 1, Marcos 0).

Of course, Francis did meet with the Kentucky clerk who opposed cooperating with certain "marriages", and so would presumably will back the Little Sisters and Mother Angelica in their fights against cooperating with sin...(and EWTN now is an alternative source of news for those who dislike the right wing ranters of talk radio)...so things might not be as bad as the ubercatholics in the blogosphere think....


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