Sunday, January 03, 2016

WAGD, or happy new year Same old stuff

SenseOfEvents notes that there are murmurs of a coming civil war in Europe.

Baldilocks notes the irony behind Black lives is about assuming everyone in a certain category thinks and acts alike, and Heaven help you if you are black and don't fit in the mold.

Saudis execute 47 people for "terrorism", including a Shiite Mullah. Iran is not pleased.
AlJ has a discussion on the matter.

also from AlJ:
Where are the missing book publishers/sellers in Hong Kong?

Hate propaganda is a way to pretend the problem is caused by someone else, notes StrategyPage.
so the Middle East is similar to Hitler or the Soviets in pumping out lies and exaggerations about the evil west, and after a generation of propaganda, the children know no other way to see the problem.

But teaching hate has a "down side":

 Even with all the oil wealth, the majority of the worlds known oil deposits in fact, the Arab world has fallen behind every other region in the world, except black Africa, in economic growth and development. Israel, with a population of eight million, produces more scientific papers each year than 340 million Arabs. Greece, with a population of ten million, translates more foreign language books each year than 340 million Arabs. 
more Strategypage stuff HERE. in the yearly report on wars around the world...stuff the MSM doesn't seem to notice.

here is some good news you probably haven't noticed: No major wars in the last 60 plus years.

Despite the growing military power of China, and the saber rattling from Russia, the major military powers continue the Great Nuclear Truce (GNT) that began in the 1950s, when Russia got nuclear weapons, and suddenly realized they could not afford to use them without risking more destruction than past foes like the Nazis, French or Mongols inflicted...
There have been wars, but not between the big players (who have the largest and most destructive conventional forces). Thus a record was broken in 1986, as there had never before (since the modern state system developed in the 16th century) been so long a period without a war between a major powers (the kind that could afford, these days, to get nukes). Since the Cold War ended in 1991 there have been fewer wars (in the traditional sense). The down side is a lot more low level conflicts (rebellions, civil wars) but overall a lot less death and destruction. 
When my grandchildren worry about wars etc. I point out that few of us growing up in the 1950's thought we would grow up without a nuclear strike. Given the crazyiness of Stalin, this was not a fake threat, as many left wing intellectuals like to point out. I mean, I grit my teeth when they make the cold war a problem between superpowers that are both silly. Uh, Gulag anyone?

Propaganda works, and I remember when the Beatles influenced a generation to take drugs, and the media decided to teach us that marriage was for chumps, and just a piece of usless paper.

the deconstruction of the rules of civilization and of the churches etc. has continued at break neck speed since then, and one wonders when someone will "stand athwart history yellling stop" Burke did when the French revolution happened.

And I wonder if theOtherMcCain is right when he points out that the radical feminists and gender deconstruction wars are essentially propaganda that seduces confused teenagers?

Some blog (sorry no link) noted the increase in white overdoses and suicides in US flyover country was a bad sign, since this is anger pointed inward, whereas the flip side is anger pointed outward. Hence the Trumpies.

Yes there is a high murder rate, but it is mainly by gangs of a certain minority killing others of the same minority. The real news is that suicide by gun is now higher than murder by gun.

Ah, but our beloved President Obama has an answer: Destroy the constitution to remove legal guns from lawabiding citizens.

Sigh. Don't ask me: I live in the Philippines and we are hoping that we will get thru this year's elections without more local murders.


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