Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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StrategyPage has a long article on Iran. For later reading.

unlike the US and Europe, who have pretty well ignored the slaughter of their co religionists, Iran sees ISIS and others who slaughter Shiites as a reason to intervene.

HMMM...given that a Saudi Cleric in Mecca is preaching it's good to kill Shiites, there might be a small problem.

the backstory on this is that the Iranian backed Shia militia filled the power vacuum when the Iraqi gov't pushed President Obama to remove US troops.

Now the Iraq government sees the American troops as saviors. At the end of 2015 there were several thousand American troops already in Iraq and more (most of them Special Forces) on the way. The government has apparently made it clear to Iran (which is very hostile to U.S. forces in Iraq) that some American troops are essential. The presence of American troops also makes it less likely that Iran will attempt anything too ambitious (like invading or backing a takeover by Shia militias) and everyone knows that. Most Iraqis are more concerned with Iranian meddling than anything the Americans might do...

has any of this been discussed in the US election "debates" or are they ignoring it, reporting Trump's feud with Fox Bimbo Kelley and telling women to vote for Hillary (or go to hell) because she has two X chromosones? Just wondering...


the old Pertussis vaccine did cause brain damage in a tiny number of kids, so they replaced it was an a less toxic version. The problem? the immune response is weaker, so you need booster shots.

a pretty nasty disease, and mild cases of the illness are probably still around, since two kids in my practice who didn't get their shots (due to other illnesses) got cases, meaning someone gave it to them.

I suspect this is behind a lot of the terrible bronchitis in adults was from this, where you just kept coughing and coughing for weeks.


Just what we need: Robot Cockroaches .

they plan to use it to crawl into debris to save victims after disasters...and presumably could use them to spy on you too.


it's Mardi Gras time!

AH, but the carnival type fiestas are just a way to remember tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.

 it's not big in our town. I mean, we just had the fiesta of Christmas, the Three Kings, the Santo Nino, the AtiAtihan and the Black Nazarene.

A time to celebrate, and a time to repent...

It's election time in the Philippines, and that old leftie Bishop Cruz is asking hard questions...
someone needs to ask this of those running for office at local and federal levels in the USA also.

And not take platitudes for an answer: Real answers that outline real plans.


the WAPO editorial wants to abolish marriage.

what could go wrong?

When Catholics warned against "no fault" divorce in the 1970's, they were ridiculed for being hard hearted, yet the decimation of US society and the destruction of the family can be blamed on these laws.

now marriage is meaningless legally, so maybe we should just get gov't out of the marriage business says Foley at Instapundit.

but of course, this only increase the destruction of family and the chaos of society.
when Confucius saw the chaos of China, the first thing he did was reestablish the sacredness of marriage. Reform the person, reform the family, and the reform of gov't will result.

 "He who thinks the old embankments useless and destroys them, is sure to suffer from the desolation caused by overflowing water; and he who should consider the old rules of propriety useless and abolish them, would be sure to suffer from the calamities of disorder. Thus if the ceremonies of marriage were discontinued, the path of husband and wife would be embittered and there would be many offences of licentiousness and depravity." (Bk. xxiii., 7, 8.)


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