Monday, February 08, 2016

how to watch TV when you have 100 channels all crap

The BBC had an article on how Russians are seeing their latest BBC version of War and Peace.

includes this:

Quite apart from the legal issues of pirating the show, Russians have been logging on to social media sites and giving their views. One special group has been set up on Russia's big social media site, VKontakte. The reviews are mainly positive and many are clearly in awe of the British take on one of the most famous works of Russian literature

well, duh.

I can watch The Walking Dead season 6 and other US shows the same day as the US but the BBC? Hey, Downton Abbey is two seasons behind, not to mention the latest Sherlock hasn't hit here yet.
Why don't you arrange them to be on stations overseas (with commercials) so the rest of the world can enjoy your stuff?

What I especially miss is the nature shows. Lolo as his hearing got worse, tended to watch movies with captions or nature shows. But now, the History channel et al tend to stupid programs: various versions of get out alive, Pawnshop type stuff, or clones of the duck dynasty/fishing is dangerous.

Yes, we have animal planet, but that tends to be: Oh LOOK another bloody predator making another bloody kill.

We do get HBO etc. so I do tend to find recent movies,  or for action films, no problem: They are pirated and sold by vendors in the palenke for 50 pesos, often before they open in Manila.

but for BBC I have to download, either from Youtube for older stuff (e.g. nature) or illegally (for DA or W&P).

I'm not sure if we are getting netflix in the Philippines: A lot of "pay for stuff" movies are not shown here "because of copyright issues". Right.

Ruby often watches stuff streaming video, but I am downstream from the modem and tend to get interrupted streams. I even download music and other stuff from soundcloud and youtube, and then erase them after I watch or listen to them.

so I am waiting for war and peace. Probably will see it next year.

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