Sunday, February 07, 2016

IHS, John Q Public and statues in church

a in the book Outlander, the heroine frequently uses the phrase: "Jesus H Roosevelt Christ".

so the TV show has a lot of folks saying she talks like a slut but her accent and demeanor are of a lady (i.e. upper class woman).

I hadn't heard that expression before.

This discussion group has a comment that notes:

My grandfather says it sometimes.  I think it may be a play on the fact that a lot of people thought FDR was a god in many ways; i know my grandparents think he "saved" the country from the depression - so maybe that's where it' comes from - saved, savior, Jesus.....I dunno.  I'll say it once in a while myself, when I'm really exasperated. that or "cheese and cracker miss agnes" lol. (something my grandmother would say to keep herself from saying "jesus christ.")
AnneAlthouse has a post about out of date expressions like John Q Public and JHC,  noting that the expression "Jesus H Christ" probably came from the "IHS" (the Greek letters for Jesus) and notes Mark Twain commented it's use back in his day.

IHS is a common symbol used by Catholics. I wonder if the kids still learn about all those stories and symbols nowadays.

IHS was one: JMJ was another (Jesus, Mary and Joseph, another "catholic" swear word). INRI, for the scroll above the cross; the greek letters alpha and omega, meaning God is the beginning and the end of all things, and AMDG was another albeit even in my day rarely used (all for the glory of God).

and you learned about faith from stories... in the old days, before the intellectual snobs of Vatican II destroyed them, all churches had statues...each statue had a symbol with it to identify it and to let you know who it meant. Each symbol told a story, and that story let you learn about who God was and our relationship to God.

When I went to church today, I noticed the creche had been taken down. The Christmas season was ended. The priests are now putting the saint of the week on the left side of the alter. Today it is Our Lady Of Lourdes. Here, many people have a Lourdes grotto in their yard, in the same way that in the US we have "bathtub madonnas" in our yards.

Why is she popular? Well in the family oriented Philippines, seeing God and Jesus in the context of being part of the family is how one relates to God.

And behind Mama Mary is the idea that you big rich important people are not going to have the final say in life.

Like Pope Francis (who I criticize but yes in this he has it correct): Mary reminds us that God's mercy is to the humble, and the revolutionary theme of Christianity:

He has cast down the mighty from their thrones,and has lifted up the lowly.He has filled the hungry with good things,and the rich he has sent away empty

hence the popularity of a story of a non PC kid seeing a lady in a small cave near a garbage dump, and resulting in a place for pilgrims to be cured in mind and body.

the movie was based on a novel by a non believer  who vowed to write the book if he managed to escape Nazi tyranny...

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