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Philippine news

Checking conspiracy sites, I find that War is in the air..LINK

however, even the Spiegel has an article on the problem.

Summary: The bear is hungry. Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like to see him angry...

But iRussia is expanding their area of influence into the power vacuum in the Middle East, making Turkey worried, which means some in Nato are also worried.

But it's more complicated than that.
StrategyPage discusses Russia's aim to get back their lost empire.

a long article for later reading.

what does Russia have to do with the Philippines, since it is China who is threatening to take over all their lost land/ocean in SEAsia?

Well,  War in the Middle East would send home 2 million Filipinos and destroy the lifestyle of many middle class families who rely on them for money "luxuries" like medicine, school fees, and decent homes.

I ran across an article pointing out that money sent home from the US to Mexico is larger than the money they earn from their oil industry.

Here the money (and the growing middle class) is thanks to our OFW's, many of whom work in the Middle East.

We know when things get dangerous when the OFW flee home. But now, with the Sunni/Shia wars threatening, if war comes, what would happen to the 2.3 million Filipinos who work in the Middle East?

more HERE.

And it's not just war causing layoffs: LINK

the low price of oil means cut backs in hiring, and layoffs, and the Saudi plan to insist on hiring locals might also send some Pinoys (and others) home, and there have been recent crackdowns on those lacking proper immigration papers...

Wikipedia article about Saudi's 9 million foreign workers...

how bad were the smears against Manny Paquiao?

pretty bad. Two words taken out of context to destroy his career. (and no, Ruby says the full text was on line, and was mainly about opposing gay marriage but loving those who suffer with same sex attraction,  but google must have it on page 100 because I can't find the link yet).

the distortion was so bad that The Huff post is letting him defend himself. sorta. Duh.

and the Catholics are defending his opposition to gay marriage...DUH..

Ruby reports that a lot of Christian youth groups are burning their Nike Sneakers, but that she isn't that political.

I hope not. Those sneakers were expensive. My Nike sandals, however, were only three dollars, so probably chinese counterfeits, so I have a clear conscience.

The WSJ says his remarks will ruin his career. Bullcrappie.

Most people here are worried more about jobs and corruption than this, and the Catholic bishops will try to make nice, but remember: many of tomorrow's leaders are in youth groups: Christian evangelicals or Catholic prolife groups. In other words, grass roots groups, not SJW who take their agenda, talking points (and often money) from left wing groups in the US.

it says a lot that despite a full court press in the elite media and social media here, that frontrunner Duterte (the law and order candidate here) says he disagrees but supports Manny. But what is more interesting is that Manny, despite being from Duterte's area supports Binay, and vice versa...

Notice that part about the social media? Yes: like in the USA, it is the forefront for social change. However, these aggressive Christian youth groups will fight them in their own turf: the "Social media".

Me, I'm just avoiding facebook, because I am sick of the two minute hates there.... not to mention the numerous "Like if you love Jesus" stuff from my relatives.


Formerspook has an article on the Chinese sea lane grab, including the increased pace of their militarization of shoals that up to 10 years ago were unoccupied and often under water.

The HQ-9 is a Chinese knock-off of Russia's sophisticated S-300 air defense system. With a range of 125 nautical miles, the missiles on Woody Island could threaten military and commercial air traffic across a broad swath of the South China Sea. With this latest military move, Beijing has clearly thrown down the gauntlet to Washington. And, as with the recent provocations from North Korea and Iran, the U.S. must decide how to respond. Once upon a time--as recently as the 1990s--Washington would dispatch a significant military force to fly (or cruise) through the area. But times have changed and so have regional perceptions.
yes. Nobody expects a President Obama or President Sanders to do anything about it. I'm not sure how a President Trump or Cruz would react.

As for our election: the Manila bulletin suggests the next president will go easier on China: We are too weak to fight China, so they will just sigh and go along with the power grab (Or as comments on this article note, will take bribes or insist on lucrative business deals from China. I should note here that there is a strict libel law in the Philippines, so naming names could lead to you being sued)...


some new news about the Philippines: Reforestation

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