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yup. Infanticide is the next frontier (danger danger rant ahead)

according to this link from Anne Althouse, the NYTimes is lamenting that the microcephaly from the Zika virus is only found after viability, when abortion is not allowed unless continuing the pregnancy would affect the mom's health (note: This means make her upset pscyhologically, but never mind... in moms where really life threatening problems exist, e.g. cancer, toxemia, such late term pregnancies can be delivered early so that the child has a chance to live, so it's not abortion i.e. the death of an unborn child, doesn't have to be done; abortion is only done if you want the result to be a dead child, which of course is the object in cases done because mom is upset).

But then the article goes on to say the docs still don't know the outcome at two years. Well, no problem, since Fletcher et al who promoted the idea of personhood at two years of age so you could kill the kid up to this time...and this was twenty years beffore Peter Singer said infanticide should be legal.

Note they use Singer's argument: That the parents are stuck with this kid and therefore are kept from having another kid, presumably normal...so infanticide would let the parents and new kid live happily ever after.


and no, this is not a new argument for the NYTimes, who crusaded for Baby Jane Doe not to get treatment for her meningomyelocoel...

the hint in their crusade was the kid should be killed, or made dead, and indeed many letters to the editor back then lamented that infanticide was not legal.

when the NYT last heard about Baby Jane Doe, she was 9 years old...but the NYT defended their actions by this little snitty inclusion:

During the protracted court battles, Baby Jane's parents did consent to some surgery for their daughter. The hole in her spine closed naturally, but she is mentally retarded and suffers from many other handicaps.
and this report, at age one, stresses her handicaps...

fast forward to 2013: Newsday (Long Island NY paper) reported:
Keri-Lynn, the woman formerly known as Baby Jane Doe, and the center of a wrenching right-to-life lawsuit decades ago, celebrates her 30th birthday with her family at home in Mount Sinai. (Oct. 13, 2013)(Credit: Newsday / Audrey C. Tiernan)Keri-Lynn was a bit sensitive about getting older. At her family's Mount Sinai home Sunday, where about a dozen family members celebrated her 30th birthday with flank steak, chicken francese, cake and lots of joking, she had a quick retort when her father Dan ribbed her about turning the big 3-0. "Don't start with that!" said Keri-Lynn, who uses a wheelchair. Marking three decades of...
the rest is requires signing in alas.

that was back in the 1980's. A law was passed to allow whistleblowers to report and force treatment, but eventually the courts nixed much of the law out of respect for "privacy.

Now, I should add that because of the many complications, we did not send these children 200 miles for surgery when I worked in Africa in the 1980's...and indeed, most of the small sacs closed themselves. But usually the kids would die of infection a couple months down the line, due to the sac getting irritated and infected in the primitive home situation.

Ah, but in the US, the object was a dead kid...but since the environment was cleaner, the kids, like Baby Jane Doe, managed to survive... as one surgeon argued at a Pediatric conference I attended: using "non treatment" resulted in problems taking care of the kids, (large sac made it difficult to carry etc the kid around), so he just recommended the parents fix it.

Yet the dirty little secret is that even in the 1990's, when such things were pretty well known, yet some doctors at the University of Oklahoma decided to do a double blind study on such cases.
and they used criteria to decide who should get treatment....
years later, a black doctor checked out the study, and yup, the parents of poor black kids were more likely to be recommended not to have surgery, and most of this group ended up dead. see page 5 of this PDF

ah, but the discrimination was justified because it wasn't based on race: you see, these families lacked the "intellectual and financial resources" to care for the child.

Which is the dirty little secret behind the agenda of the culture of death: it's cheaper to kill poor kids or elders than help them financially....

Fifty years ago, these kids would have been placed in institutions, and raised in a poor environment. Law changes closed the institutions, so they could be cared for by loving families...

But the end result is severe stresses on families in a society where both parents have to work outside the home to make ends meet, and where extended families do not exist, and where government social programs are lacking.

Calling Bernie Sanders...

So guess what happens?

a review of how these children are usually aborted inn the US;  in Europe they are often killed via infanticide...

as for late term abortion, which are not as rare as the propaganda suggest:  the MSM blackout of late term abortions for convenience is notorious, and when the abortion clinic makes a lot of money doing them, don't they sort of have an interest in counseling to do the abortion, so one wonders if their counseling is biased?

 So when the citizen activists/reporters caught Planned parenthood discussing selling body parts from late term abortions, the Texas grand jury indicted the whistleblowers for false pretenses, and left the ones discussing the grisly and illegal sale of body parts free of charges.


I suspect most of these late term abortions are on black teenagers, (who really did not understand that their baby would be delivered in a more risky way for mom to keep the kid intact so that the center could sell the body parts).

Yes, I am familiar with the problems of families who are caretakers of such children. But modern society too often is busy destroying the extended family in the name of freedom, and forcing both parents to work, so the pressure on the millions of caretakers is heavy. Many quit their jobs to do caretaking, but how often do we hear of them?

The government sometimes helps, but it is limited...Many churches help out with programs, with a personal touch.

In the past, Catholic nuns would be visiting and helping or caring for the children or the elderly: nowadays, the PC modern nuns are too busy evolving to a higher power to change diapers, and the few who remain at their job are at risk for being sued by the Obama administration for not paying for abortion causing medicines, or not sterlizing women.


Ah, but the Pope will only preach to the choir, and opposes openly protesting against such laws, because it hurts those who do these sins.

  Allen:Perhaps that’us where Francis is an innovator — not in rethinking whether Catholicism should still oppose abortion or same-sex marriage, but in pioneering a more compassionate, and thus at least potentially more convincing, way of doing it.


Yes. If John Paul II had done this, the USSR would still be around today.
Yes, and if Cardinal Sin had done this, we'd either be living under a dictatorship or would have had a bloody communist takeover.

and, of course, such charitable silence by PC catholic bishops is why Europe is quickly starting to euthanize their elderly, handicapped, or just depressed...

Bishop VonGalen, pray for us

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