Sunday, March 06, 2016

Be Afraid. Be very Afraid

Canada's supreme court okayed euthanasia by fiat, supposedly for hard cases.

But the actual law now proposed will allow suicide on demand for all sorts of people, depressed, disabled, or just tired and lonely, including children, and hey, doctors and nurses will be forced to kill patients by law...

Question to the Trumpettes and Clintonites:

Will you stop the US Supreme court from making laws by fiat?

If not, why not?

The problem: like abortion, many cases will occur as the "first" option of treatment, and often the patient will mention it and whoosh, everyone joins the chorus yes yes yes, when maybe they want someone to say: Don't worry. You are not a burden, or, well, wait and we'll adjust your medicine to help you feel better.

And remember: Ten percent of people are sociopaths, and alas this includes doctors...Once the taboo is lifted, some will "just do it" on those they feel need it or those they see as "life unworthy of life".

And if you think "Black lives matter", do you think that minorities who already fight medical discrimination and snobbish doctors who look down on them will be protected from being "offed" out of "compassion"?

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