Monday, March 14, 2016

China's "donald Trump" problem

China is clamping down on the social media,
This follows reports of publishers disappearing after they dared to criticize the state.

report HERE about banning one troublemaker from the Chinese equivalent of facebook:

the recent suppression of property mogul Ren Zhiqiang has caught many by surprise as Ren is “a second generation red”, whose father was a recognised communist, and is considered both a patriot and a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) loyalist.Ren had earned the nickname “the Cannon” or “China’s Donald Trump” for his provocative opinions and blunt criticism of government policies.His Weibo account, which had more than 37 million followers, was shut down at the end of February after he dared to comment on Xi's media policy that demanded party loyaltyfrom all state media.The case has thus become a political thermometer on Xi's attitudes towards internal ideological differences inside the party, with the silencing of Ren raising the question of whether anyone can truly be deemed safe from future political purges.
more HERE.

weibo is the Chinese "microblogging" site, similar to facebook or twitter, and is one way that netcitizens get around the "great firewall" of China, since kids use their cellphones for sharing messages.

Something to remember when you read all the happy happy propaganda plants in the media about China.

ah but of course, censoring people for exposing problems would never happen in the US...

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