Saturday, March 19, 2016

Encouraging order in chaos

Improbable research notes that classical music is used in some stores to keep down chaos.

“Classical music was first used as a deterrent by 7-Eleven convenience stores in British Colombia, Canada. In 1985, branch managers began piping classical music into the stores’ parking lots in order to prevent teenagers from congregating there.”
so does it work?

is Muzak/elevator music better than the high pitched buzz heard only by teenagers and dogs and that annoys them enough to keep them out?

my sons used to tease me that I liked "elevator music", aka Muzak.

But you know, a lot of people panic in elevators. Does it work? Wikipedia article here.

this article on music affecting moods says yes...sounds logical until you read the nonsense that music affects the length of the telomere or read that the research was done in a yoga journal.

Yes, music affect moods. Aristotle knew that.

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