Saturday, March 19, 2016

Family news

Chona and family are in Palawan on vacation and should be visiting here one of these days.

Lolo's gravesite is 98percent finished.

Ruby will go to Japan (?next month) because her group won a contest in promoting tourism. all she needs is a passport renewal. Paper work galore.

She is also a US citizen, but since no one has done the paperwork to get a US passport yet, this will have to wait.

She is in a play about Moses put on in Manila by several Christian schools there. She plays a slave girl, because she couldn't attend enough practices to get a full role.

her father plans to drive down to watch the play, even though we are in the midst of a rice harvest. I'll stay home: Too hot, too much traffic.

I am in a bad mood this morning: Answering the doorbell since staff is on the other side of the business compound, arguing with beggars that 50 cents is plenty and I don't have more money to spare, and then I found George the killer Lab killed one of the half grown kittens that was wandering out in our garden. Sigh. It was one I saved and fed by bottle. I was hoping he would kill one of the five feral cats that wander around here, but no luck...they are too smart.

So we buried the cat under the papaya tree, but no I am not going to light a candle for him or put flowers on his grave, as we do with our dogs.

The new puppies over the weekend suddenly developed an infestation of ticks. Hundreds. Yuck. So we bathed them, removed all we could, and then our help sprayed them with malathion like the farmer spray their animals. So far none have died, but we lost two of the white dogs who were older and when the tick count exploded, we gave them a bath and they were both dead within two days.. Anemia from the ticks? Heat stroke? Old age? Stress from insecticide shampoo? Some sort of infection? They were well until they died, eating okay, so maybe it was heat stroke.

There have been quite a few deaths lately in our neighborhood, mainly the elderly, or younger people who had a "stroke" or "heart attack"...probably from high blood pressure, which fluctuates in the heat.

Up the street, the neighbors put up a chapel to sing the Passion next week. Pabasa is the local name for it.

Pabása ng Pasyón (Tagalog for "Reading of thePassion"), known simply as Pabása is a Catholicdevotion in the Philippines popular during Holy Week involving the uninterrupted chanting of thePasyón, an early 16th-century epic poem narrating the life, passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.[1]

oh well: it isn't any noisier than the parties in the Plaza down the street, and probably not as noisy as the parties with a karaoke machine to sing with in the firehouse across the street, or in the Restobar across the street in the other direction.

I usually donate the the Pabasa at our local chapel about four blocks away. We give money to buy food for the singers and others who visit and pray during the week.

With the heat, I'm not sure if I'll manage to get to church (I tend to faint in church, even in the USA when it is hot and crowded. No, I'm not sick: My mom did too.)

In the meanwhile I find myself yelling at everyone...part of this is because my husband was deaf and only could hear me if I shouted in his ear, but a lot of it is just being in a bad mood. Sigh.

Lolo's first anniversary is next week, and may have something to do with it.

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