Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Is Madonna being edgy, or just a bad Mel Brooks imitation?

Madonna's "edgy" concert is nothing more than mocking what is good to appear "Hip".

But this part isn't exactly original

from the ManBul article

2. Dancers wearing what looked like a nun’s headdress paired with bra tops and panties came out to do some pole dancing. It may be well-choreographed but it was somewhat disturbing.

you mean, like THIS?

or watch and fast forward to 6.00 minutes:

the first is deliberate blasphemy to earn money, by an overaged female singer.....because the dirty little secret is that right now, religious bigotry against people of faith is "in".

in contrast, the second is just Mel destroying bigotry and anti Semitism in the way he knows best: Ridicule. And he ridicules everyone...

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