Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Meet the Official state fossil of Illinois

From the Atlantic  Via TYWIWDBI

A pipe-fitter by trade, Tully was just an amateur collector, but a skilled one. He knew that the coal miners of Mazon Creek had discarded vast piles of shale that contained fossils galore. And as he sifted through the fragments, he found two rocks that had cracked open and that held something incredible between them...
a team of scientists led by Victoria McCoy at Yale University have solved the mystery of the strange beast, and assigned it a spot on the tree of life. It turns out to be a close relative of modern lampreys.
and Illinois is not the only state with their own official state Fossil: Wikipedia has a list.

and the National Park service has a lot more here.
check their kid's page:

Q: Why did the T.rex need a bandage?A: He had a dino-sore

Did you know there is a national fossil day? October 15th...

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