Friday, March 18, 2016

nothing here, folks, just move along

GetReligion notes that Pennsylvania grand juries just discovered that not only was the Bishop of Altoona corrupt, but the local Franciscans were corrupt, and even placed a known pedophile in the diocesan high school back then.

we lay folks knew the problem was there in the 1990's, but never mind.

And local corruption had a lot to do with it too.

full report on Scribd.

I'll place it on my boinkie blog where I post conspiracy stuff, musings, angry opinions that I might not believe when I calm down, and gossip that are not quite ready for prime time.

HughBradleyConradBlog has it right: this was not just a rogue bishop or even a just rogue church. It was a moral blindness by bishops who refused to punish the sinner because "who am I to judge", and it was enabled by corrupt politicians and judges.

There are many good people and good priests in the area who will be ashamed about all of this...they need our prayers and support.

but as a doctor, I know it is better to lance corruption than to let it spread to kill the body.

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