Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Political question of the day

AnneAlthouse commenting on an NPR report of one of Trump's wins:

What's up in the Northern Mariana Islands? 
I don't know, but it must be important: There is alreay a Wikipedia post up about it.

and this WSJ article discusses the issues in the primary.

Mr. Torres, who estimated the islands currently have more than 13,000 Filipino contract workers, said hasn’t yet spoken with Mr. Trump himself, but hoped to soon. He said he hoped to explain to the New York businessman, who has called for a halt to legal immigration in addition to deporting illegal immigrants, how immigration needs differ in the Pacific territories. 

The press sees their "issue" as immigration.

Whoops. the Trump win will make them scratch their head, because it doesn't follow the meme.

What they ignore is legal vs illegal immigration. Trump has hired legal immigrants.

And in the Marianas, see that part about "contract workers"?

In the North Marianas, most of the "immigrants" who are temporarily working in factories are from the Philippines. They are recruited here to work for X number of years for X amount of money. You have to get health papers and police clearance to get the job, and prove a level of education.

this is not the same as unscreened workers without papers who often are hired for below standard wage (and employers don't pay workman's comp and Social Security for them). This cheap exploitation takes jobs from legal workers, skirts the labor laws for safety etc. and harms employers who do follow the rules.

This is not a US problem, of course...There are a lot of OFW who are working "illegally" in various countries.

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