Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Reality is...part two

Reality sucks. Podcast about Hobbs.


doctors ignore science pretend the patient will do fine.


the curse of the high IQ.
 Feminist science gibberish.
Glaciers, gender, and science: A feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change research
 headsup Driscoll at instapundit

Give the guy a break: This is actually supposed to be how glacial changes affect South Americans, which is valid if you know how various cultures such as the Moche (400 AD) there were destroyed by climate factors....the guy's expertise is history of science and how science affects culture: fair enough.

the real problem:  locals might not think the same way that feminist academics do, so his analysis is biased or worse than useless.

an example of how feminist theology doesn't echo local beliefs can be found in this sad article, where modern Argentinian women were killed because they put themselves into danger by not understanding local culture or the reality of going home with men who are drunk.

Ah but if you point out their stupidity, you are blamed on the twittersphere...Women have a right to be safe they insist. True. But going home drunk/high with strangers who are also drunk/high is ignoring reality....sort of like the tourist killed who just wanted to take a selfie with a tiger: ignoring reality is not a smart thing to do.

related item:

Why is McDonalds pushing the gay agenda in Taiwan

there is a local opposition but the gay rights groups of course just blames the bigotry of local Christians.... In a country with 4% Christians...

Presumably this will be blamed on Jesus too:

China is pushing back on such propaganda on their TV shows. But one must admit they also censor showing religious rituals and other subversive ideas on their TV.

nor is the American decadence being accepted in trinidad: A nude selfie by a female gymnast is upsetting locals who don't think she should represent her country in the Olympics. The title says body policing and identity politics, but it is actually about local standards of decency.

a lot of this is pushing the individualism of the powerful.

Women are now petitioning the Supreme court that they if they didn't abort their baby, they couldn't have their careers.

So what is next? LINK

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