Thursday, March 03, 2016

Sigh SuperTuesday Uggh

The bad news: Trump won quite a few states on Supertuesday.
The Good news: Cruz got Texas and Rubio got Minnesota.
Huh? There are Republicans in Minnesota?

Via Instapundit, they quote the WaPo

So far, Trump wins open primaries and Cruz wins closed … and the calendar is starting to change toward more closed primaries

they attribute this to Democrats voting in open primaries, and are happy because they think that it means Democrats are trying to diss the Republicans to pick a losing candidate.

The article then rejoices figuring Cruz will win since most of the primaries that are to come are "closed" and allow only Republicans to vote, and Cruz, the darling of the day, will win. They hopefully point out that this might mean that Trump isn't necessarily winning the Republican "base" and even call this problem his "achilles heel".

I read it differently (as does Politico).
Trump is winning the Reagan Democrats.

And that is bad news for Hillary.

in the meanwhile, the press is pushing the meme that Trump didn't refuse David Duke's support and hasn't condemned the KKK fast enough.

The problem: Duke denies supporting Trump. And no one in his right mind thinks Trump supports the KKK... it is merely another "gotcha" tactic by a press trying to stop him, or help the Democrats in their talking point that he hasn't condemned them enough.

In the meanwhile, crime, economic problems, Obama essentially has opened the border, Russia is bombing Sunnis in Syria, Iran had an election, and China's aggression against the Philippines continues, the EU is falling apart, and no one seems to worry about this or ask the candidates what they would do.

Hillary has some expertise in this but you wouldn't know it...

If the Donald gets in, Europe will have a conniption fit. But then, I remember their conniption fit when Reagan got in too.

In the meanwhile, we are facing elections in the Philippines, and locals have Duterte stickers up. He is Marcos lite, promising strong arm tactics to rid the country of corruption and crime.

the bad news: he is soft on China and might stop the US from getting bases back, because Obama is ignoring the Chinese excursions to steal our traditional fishing areas. So he might let China "help us" develop the gas resources if they stop their incursions.

in the meanwhile Binay is insisting he used to be poor so vote for him and you too can be rich.

The Binay ad is also consistent with the Vice President's long-standing message that what he has already done in Makati, where he was mayor for 21 years, is what other politicians are only starting to promise to the voters.
Things are currently looking bright for Binay, who topped the latest Pulse Asia survey at 33% despite a string of corruption chargesand allegations of unexplained wealth. –

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