Thursday, March 03, 2016

Spotlight? Nah, it wasn't just Boston

blog post about the indictment of the SOB bishop of Altoona removed: I googled around and found not only was this common knowledge when I lived there in the 1990's but that the local newspaper did  quite a few exposes on it in 2002.

After checking why this was finally discovered now, I suspect the backstory is that the attorney general behind this headline seems to be digging up 20 year old dirt to save her political career, not to amend things...,

I mean, yes I am happy about this: But the news was well known 15 years ago.

What is the backstory is cronyism in Pennsylvania politics. Not just the bishop, but a lot of crooked judges and politicians (not to mention the Sandusky affair) got away with a lot of stuff back then.

Much of the stuff about the bishop's promotion of gays in his fiefdom, the fact that he bribed someone to become bishop, and reign of terror against his pious redneck flock is still on my other blog, if you want to see stuff.

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