Thursday, March 24, 2016

Vaccine conspiracy theory?

If you want to see me rant, bring up vaccine conspiracy theories.
I'm old enough to remember most of these diseases, and now we no longer see them, so obviously the vaccines work.

But all vaccines have minor side effects and often have to be stored correctly or they don't work well.
We had to keep ours in a special refrigerator that had an alarm to tell us if the temperature went low during the night or during a brownout.

Did you read about China's huge vaccine scandal? Millions were given vaccines that were useless because they hadn't been stored correctly...and it had been going on since 2010.

Read the full report from Wiebo which is the Chinese equivalent to twitter etc: 


first comment says it all:

They both should get the death penalty. They gravely harm China' image, both local and abroad.

well, comment three notes that if someone died, maybe they should be tried for murder. Bu t the point is that millions of children probably at risk for getting disease because their shots were worthless. The shot wouldn't kill them: But they wouldn't be protected from the disease, which could kill them.

The vaccines were for 25 diseases including meningitis, poliomyelitis and rabies, according to the Paper

20 thousand doses were found in the investigation...making one wonder how many more vaccines were involved in the past. I'm sure licensed dealers are inspected, but these two were not licensed. Again, one wonders how many more unlicensed dealers are out there.

Long rant of Asia's problem with corruption and how it might affect the health of millions on my medical blog.

most of the scandal involves only China, but since they are underpricing companies in the first world, they essentially might corner the market.

Like the nuances of the "illegal aliens" who can be hired under the table for less wages than Americans, and these shady companies can underprice ethical companies with union workers, similarly, shoddy counterfiet medicines etc. are the down side of globalization.

Shoddy auto parts anyone? Cadmium in children's jewelry? Melamine not just in Chinese baby formula but in local milk tea? Dogs and cats dead because fake "protein" was put in their food?

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