Monday, March 07, 2016

Want to live simply? Bah humbug

Most "green" imagination of the old fashioned life is by them looking at a poor village and seeing these nice people who seem happy.
Or else we see survivalist type stuff on what to do when society collapses (mostly get a gun).

Well, to see how people lived, try reading things by those a bit closer to those wonderful times.

Librivox: home life in Colonial Times.

Turf houses anyone?

The back to the land isn't a new impulse.

An oldie but goodie: The Egg and I.

The movie is here, but I can't view it here in the Philippines, so you will have to check it out if it works.

but the computer read of the book can be found HERE.

she also has a book The Plague and I, about her stint with tuberculosis. Luckily, she managed to get into a sanitarium and was cured.

yes, disease is also one of the side effects of living the primitive lifestyle.

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