Monday, April 04, 2016

Factoid of the day

The Amazon DASH button

The Amazon Dash Button is a small electronic device designed to make ordering products easier and faster. The Dash buttons come in packs; each device contains an embedded button and is emblazoned with the name of an oft-ordered product. Users can configure each button to order a specific product and quantity, via the user's account, and mount the buttons, using adhesive tape or a plastic clip, to locations where they use the products. Pressing the button would send a Wi-Fi signal to the Amazon Shopping app, and automatically order new stock of whatever product the button is configured to order; the click would also send a message to the user's mobile phone, and the user would have a half-hour window to cancel.

and there are now over 100 Dash buttons.


and get the spelling right or Homeland Security will be knocking at your door: DASH. Not to be confused with DAESH. 
Bruce Francis was unable to pay his dog walker when Chase Bank flagged the transaction to the US Treasury Department over the ‘suspicious’ name. He added the name of his dog, Dash, as a reference when attempting to complete the online banking transaction, prompting the bank to stop his cheque.
The bank explained they did not process the payment because the name of his nine-year-old pitbull mix pet sounded a bit like Daesh, another term used for the self-declared Islamic State.

Dash the dog, not Daesh CREDIT: KTVU

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