Friday, April 22, 2016

Film and literature and Trumpie, oh my

Uncle Orson reviews Max, Run All Night, London is Falling, and discusses San Andreas special effects.

Ironically, "London" had an opening gross that was higher in China than in the USA. Maybe it's because the US reviewers gave it a "thumbs down" because it was "xenophobic", but to the Chinese,  all white men look alike...

Overseas, people like movies but they have to be dubbed or subtitled. So it helps if you have a lot of action.

more  movies reviewed HERE.including the Irish film Brooklyn...


Prose Edda audiobook is now up at Librivox.

the original tales of the Vikings.

Harriet Tubman, A Methodist Evangelical woman.

Iowahawk twitter of the day

Breaking: Treasury throws founder of the Democratic Party off $20 bill, replaces with gun-toting Republican

re: The year without a summer (in earlier post). Not only did a lot of poor Europeans decide to flee to America, supplying manpower to the Americann industrial revolution in the North, another result was that a lot of anti slavery New England farmers decided to move into the Midwest, and this was the cause of Bloody Kansas, the constitutional crisis, and eventually the Civil War.

Blame global cooling for the end of Slavery?

Anne Althouse has two interesting posts.

First, Trump notes that bathroom laws ignore that common curtesy would work just as well as a legal solution, and passing fancy laws would cost Business a bundle.

Well, duh.

But what about the security issue? That's what a lot of women actually worry about: not a polite trans using a stall, but a pervert who will use the "law" to prey on defenceless women.

Her second post is about the start of the "gay libertion" idea. 

But when she links to the story, it turns out it is actually about behavior: e.g. Bathroom sex, and open cruising, i.e. making open and unasked for sexual advances against a stranger.

Some bars who cater to the neighborhood type clinetele would discourage customers who do such things openly, fearing (often correctly) that they will lose their regular customers.

Or does being gay give you a pass for not following the basic rules of decency   
violating the safe space of ordinary people?

anti Semitism and Holocaust denial is now fashionable in the UK Left.

As Netanyahu once quipped: They can't forgive the Jews that Hitler killed millions of us.


the biggest story never reported is the fall of the price of petroleum products, thanks to American fracking and the Saudi overpumping.

is this economic warfare? 

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