Sunday, April 24, 2016

Holly Maddux day

The Girl behind earth day:

The history books have been rewritten, but the dirty little secret is that one of the founders of "earth day" was a sociopathic liar and violent partner abuser who killed his girlfriend (Holly Maddux) and let her dying in a trunk. Later, when the cops found the body, he got bail with the help of his political friends, fled to Europe and lived off of sympathetic leftists until an aggressive DA patiently worked to get him back to face justice.

as LesbianConsrvative relates:

This conniving criminal was finally brought to book by the unrelenting efforts of Philadelphia’s District Attorney, Lynne Abraham who served as DA from 1991 to 2010.  Although a loyal party hack who knew how to pay homage to the Democrat political machine in Philly, Lynne Abraham was also a fierce supporter of the police department and an even fiercer advocate for justice.  She pursued Ira Einhorn through every legal channel available and never gave up.  It is due to her bulldog efforts that Einhorn is now finally serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, stuck away in a maximum security lock-down smack in the middle of the Pennsylvania boonies.
the SOB was later dubbed "The Unicorn killer" and they made a movie about the murder and the hunt to get justice.

The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer at imdb includes this comment from 2002:

 It is so important to remember Holly Maddux a young women who was trying to make a life for herself, never to marry, or have children, taken from this world at the hand of another, and in such a brutal murder. My family and I payed our respect to her grave just yesterday, along with the graves of her father and mother. We have never met the family but had such strong feelings this movie gave us, we felt compelled to find her marker and leave flowers. I hope this movie touches you the way it touched me and my family, and that you will remember HOLLY MADDUX the victim, the person, and remember the family who would not give up until justice was done. The hippie guru has now been sent home to face his crime and punishment from France. He does however get to have a new trial...Go figure...
Rest in peace, Holly...

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