Saturday, April 02, 2016

In our prayers

Tornado season has started in the USA. Some hurt in the Tulsa area where I used to live.

Been there, done Oklahoma, hiding out from tornadoes in our neighbor's storm celler (along with three women, four men, five kids and six pets) was something we did several times a year.

Ironically, however, I have also had close calls in Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota and Pennsylvania. The difference is that usually these are small, not the dangerous F4 and F5 ones that hit the plain states.

AlJ  notes:
At least seven people were injured as storms brought devastation to several Midwestern states of the US.
Twelve tornadoes - including a number that touched down in northeastern Oklahoma - damaging hail and torrential rain smashed through homes and businesses, reducing them to a pile of sticks over two nights.
and before the obnoxious SJW start tweeting and commenting they deserved it, because it is God's Punishment for voting for Trump, please note: Oklahomans voted for Cruz and Bernie.

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