Monday, April 04, 2016

Religion as bigotry

The argument that pious people with religious beliefs can be punished for obeying their conscience is only starting.

Newsbusters has a long article that shows the nuances of believers (something usually ignored in the MSM). It also shows how this is ignored, but will be spun by the MSM for propaganda purposes

Read the whole thing.

This is not just about gay marriage: it has implications about the Little Sister's Lawsuit, and the imposition of medical rationing/futile care treatment and an agenda of euthanasia.

Now, Smith says we have already lost the ability to argue because the language has changed.

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 and now the BMJ proposes if they are coerced into dying want to die, or their relatives say they wanted to die so kill them, then hey, let's take the organs out first.

The moral discussion here is similar to that opposing taking organs from death row inmates: it encourages the practice, and encourages society to see death as a good thing.

For example, it would subtly influence juries to impose the death penalty since life in prison is expensive, but death would be a twofer: (Dead thug but a "good" person will live from their organs).

and given several recent high profile cases where brain death was declared but the person lived or woke up, this is merely another reason people will avoid signing organ donation cards.

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