Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Etruscan mystery

A new inscription in an Etruscan temple might spar more debate on who were the Etruscans.

Wikipedia article.

If they were immigrants from southern Turkey, as their non Indoeuropean language suggests, then why does their mDNA suggest they were related to the Villanovan culture of Europe?

or did a few immigrants come and intermarry with locals?

the migrant theory goes back to Herodatus.

Supporting this theory is the language, which is "agglutinating", like Turkish/ Hungarian etc. But it is considered a language isolate right now.
The debate goes on.

unfortunately, the language has not yet been deciphered, and although it is known that Rome was a mixture of a lot of different peoples, they did include Etruscans influences. Unfortunately a lot of their records were destroyed when the Celts invaded and burned down Rome.

BBC InOurTime podcast discusses the problem:

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