Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Ghosts in the story

So a gay got hacked to death by Islamicists in Bangladesh.

But are you aware that one was promoting a gay magazine in that country, using US taxpayer money?

USAID, an American government agency for poverty prevention, identified one victim as Xulhaz Mannan. Mannan worked at the organization but also served as editor of the country's first LGBT magazine. "Today, USAID lost one of our own," the statement said.

translation: Either he was "double dipping", or the US gov't was behind a pornographic magazine in a conservative Muslim country.


Saudi discusses reform plans for "social change" and runs against the danger of their religious conservatives.

Very vague article.

Uhm, what about the OFW there? No, not mentioned. There has been a push to get rid of OFW and hire locals, but like the US, the OFW are doing the work locals don't want to do, i.e. "dirty jobs" not clean office work where you drink tea  all day and get good pay.

and that part about the "religious police": remember, no churches in that country, even though the Vatican estimates one million Catholics in that country (again OFW's).

nor mentioned that they might ban cinemas etc but that DVDs, cellphones and satellite dishes have been around for quite awhile, and I suspect that if these things can be found in rural Africa and Asia, that they are all over the place in Saudi too.

Again, how can you keep the kids down on the farm after they've see Paree MTV?

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