Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Audiobooks of the week

I reread on the the Mrs Polifax books that I brought with me to the Philippines, and wondered where I could find more to read now that the used book kiosk is no longer there.

Yes, they are on ScribD

but I also found that someone loaded many of the audiobooks on youtube.


they also have the 1999 movie with Angela Landsbury playing Mrs Pollifax, which I haven't watched yet.

but an earlier version of the book was filmed in B&W....it was also the last film by Rosalind Russell (which is not, alas on youtube). She was most famous for her role in Aunti Mame... a film that is not  Youtube so is presumably made impossible to watch because it is a Turner classic film.


If you want to know who is Harriet Tubman, a story about her work is available HERE at librivox.

Tubman was a heroine, but not exactly a household name, and if she never existed, history would not have changed. Putting her on currancy is sort of an insult to those who actually had something to do with the country's history or did the heavy non glamourous work for many years to stop slavery...

But I guess putting Harriet Beacher Stowe (the lady whose book started the Civil war, according to Abe Lincoln) or Frederick Douglass (who actually did inspire much of the anti slavery groups...biography here) weren't PC enough.

Here is a list of anti slavery activists who actually did change history.

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