Wednesday, May 04, 2016

FAMILY NEWS: family feud part one

Election time here.

Emie and family are involved in supporting the mayor's opponant. Think Hatfields and McCoys and we are in the periphery of the crossfire.

I was told by my stepson to fire my night watchman, (long sordid story ). If I don't, I will be thrown out of my  "his" house. Again long sordid story.

Luckily George the Killer Lab is still with us, and tries to bite anyone who comes near him, and I walk him every afternoon so everyone in the area knows that he is dangerous.

The car needs new shock absorbers, so there goes my extra money for the month of May.

Lolo's will goes again to arbitration later this month. Again long story...but so far I have been stuck with the bills for this, since the designated person never got around to filing the will in court...


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