Sunday, May 29, 2016

family news

We arranged for the vet to come and give our dogs rabies shots before she opened her office.

The one half grown dog from the farm, Spot, who tends to hide under the car, is almost impossible to catch, is full of ticks and malnourished... sigh. The other farm dog died a month ago. They are usually poorly nourished, and Lolo used to buy pan de sal for them when he went up to check on things, and I would send up some high protein dog food for them.

The other dogs are in good shape, but getting old. We figure PapaDog aka "BadBrad" will be the next to go: He is half blind from catarats and sleeps much of the day on a old pillow on the floor in my bedroom.

Ruby says her father still refuses to sign permission to go to Japan with her JA group...apparantly it is a punishment because her mom put he into the contest, and also because Lolo deeded her an apartment in Manila, and she won't sign a paper for him to get title to it so he can sell it. (The apartment is rented, so is a source of income, and if she goes to college, she can either stay there or live off the income).

Me, I am fuzzy minded: I have a bad cold. I did make t through church this morning, but couldn't put two words together to pray. Luckily the service is in Tagalog, so all I usually do is say my rosary and follow along with the service after the reading/sermon is done.

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