Friday, May 13, 2016

it's the corruption stupid

for later reading: StrategyPage on corruption.

remember that part about the Panama papers? Some was businesses hiding profit but a lot was about politicians stealing billions in poor countries.

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who points out how the Clintons got lots of money this way. Well, I remember that the Univ of Arkansas got a lot of money from the Middle East when he was an unknown governor...almost as if the rich guy knew that the powers in charge of the world had picked him as president, and wanted to be first to bribe him.

Spengler points this out in his latest essay:

There is also the matter of Clinton corruption on the grand scale, in particular the use of the Clinton Foundation to solicit hundreds of millions of dollars of donations from despicable Third World kleptocrats and their cronies. Peter Schweizer's bookClinton Cash shows that Bill and Hillary are the worst scoundrels ever to crawl out of the cesspool of American politics. What enrages me is not merely their thievery but their sociopathy: They like flaunting the rules, just to show that they can get away with anything.

SP also have another article about refugees: For exaple, where are there still a couple million "Palestinian" refugees sitting around in the Middle East 50plus years later, while an equal number of Jewish refugees from Muslim countries managed to get resettled?

It was a decision by the nearby Arab states.
It lets them keep the Jews to hate so they don't notice the corruption. But the dirty little secret is that the Palestinians often cause trouble locally and have been expelled from several countries for doing so.

And they note what the MSM won't note: A lot of them got killed in Syria for chosing the wrong side, or rather chosing both sides and not being trusted by anyone...a problem that got them thrown out of several other countries in the recent past..

and who notices that much of the aid for these long term refugees ends up in the pockets of their government or to build tunnels and bombs against Israel?

Related item;
The search for Nigerias billions of oil dollars.

Yet while the missing oil money inquiry is Nigeria's highest-profile corruption case, it may just be the tip of the iceberg. Mr Buhari believes that up to $150 billion may have been stolen from the state over the previous decade, and according to Mr Oguntala, for every minister or senior figure detained, there is "usually at least 30 to 40 people who are benefiting from that corruption".

update 2

Chelsea Clinton husband's Hedge fund went belly up according to this NYTimes article.

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