Monday, May 16, 2016

Stories below the fold

The pressure on coeds from the "hookup" culture is the real under-reported story: it is the background for the "rape" epidemic...

According to professor, counselor, and researcher Donna Freitas, the hookup – casual sex with no commitment – has come to dominate the college experience. It has also fueled the current epidemic of alcoholism, campus rape, and suicide.

yes, now a girl is no longer encouraged to say "no", is considered fair game when she is drunk, and not believed when she does say no.

but no one wants to hint that maybe promiscuity is bad. "who am I to judge"....

and religion is so weakened that it does not stop the behavior, except in "strict" evangelical schools.

Catholics in the past were strict, but this was discarded after Vatican II, and now the Pope, instead of proclaiming the "good news" and promoting the idea of living an ethical life is important (and that Jesus will help you do this),  is busy trying to change the church into the church-of-what's-happening-now.

All in the name of "compassion", of course...ignoring the fact that the rules were made to protect the weak from the strong....


rewrite the history books: People hunted bison before the Clovis people

Scientists said on Friday that the tools, animal bones and a mastodon tusk found at the site showed that people already had occupied the American Southeast by 14,550 years ago — 1,500 years earlier than previously known.

StrategyPage has a report on China's corruption...they are using the GreatFirewall of China to keep out the information in the Panama Papers.

and the bad news is that they might use a nice little war in the West Philippine sea to distract their people from the corruption in high places.

preferably in June when the International court decides they are wrong...and before a President Trump takes over. (duh).

and I am still waiting for the green tree huggers to protest China's destruction of the ecology when they build their artificial islands. Even Mom Jones is ignoring the ecological disaster and hints both sides are wrong....


via ImprobableResearch:

  The physics of cats.

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