Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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TeaAtTrianon posts snips from two essays for why Catholics might back Trump.

a preview of the coming summer of hate.

hey, it's fun to demonstrate and show off your boobs.

I especially like the part where the Mexican Captain America protester rescuse the US flag from being burned...


Yes, the "sex drug" article linked to by Drudge is about MSM...Don't say it out loud or you will be called a homophobe.


I was watching a BBC film about space archeology, but drones are another way to find things.

and this newly found village might be a transition between the Chaco canyon people and the Acoma...
and they ask a question: Why do many of the roads/trails lead to nowhere?

via the Techguy: distracting Data by HMS Pinafore...

I know the song, but do kids nowadays know these classic satires? (Do they even know what a "pinafore" is?...)

enjoy the music here...and watch the PC brains of nearby SJW explode:


Brazil, one of the up and coming countries, is in danger of imploding. CNN report here. (headup Instapundit)

a "former revolutionary" president who loves the poor has been involved in corruption? Say it isn't so bro.

A sweeping investigation into a multimillion-dollar kickback scheme at the state-run oil company Petrobras embroiled dozens of the country's leading businessmen and politicians. While she isn't accused directly of profiting, Rousseff was the chairwoman of Petrobras during many of the years of the alleged corruption.

It's the corruption, stupid.

and on top of this, a recession, low oil prices making profits lower, and the Zika kerfuffle keeping tourists away from the upcoming Olympics.

StrategyPage items:
FYI: Terrorism continues:

Israeli police have, so far this year, disrupted 77 terror attacks. These included 15 bombings (five using a suicide bomber), seven kidnappings and 34 shooting attacks. For all of 2015 239 attacks were disrupted indicating that terror activity was declining this year. Suicidal “knife terrorism” attacks have lost their popularity despite Fatah still pushing them energetically in all the Palestinian media. This can be seen in the number of Palestinian terror attacks disrupted each year. It was 217 in 2014, 187 in 2013 112 in 2012 and 88 in 2011. 

and this item makes one wonder if Germany has lost their cojones:

 Early in 2016 German troops in Norway for a joint training exercise complained that they were forced to pause during training not because of any technical or leadership problem but because of new rules that took effect in January. These new regulations mandated that German troops could not work more than 41 hours a week unless they received overtime pay. But it was discovered in Norway that there was no money left in the military budget for overtime pay.
and if you read the article it is not just Germany. They rely on Uncle Sam, but or course, the politicians and press love to demonize America. And the US is getting tired of it

 Since the 1990s the U.S. has increasingly resented this growing burden and has been uncharacteristically undiplomatic during the last few years in discussing logistical and equipment shortcomings of its NATO allies. 


Why the Army needs foam goat heads

to make war games more realistic

(headsup DaveBarry)

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