Monday, May 02, 2016

Weeping Icons: trouble ahead?

GetReligion links to a story about an Orthodox church icon weeping, or extruding oil, in Chicago.

Visions are a dime a dozen: most are imagination, hysteria, psychosis, or drug induced paranoia, but a few have preceeded bad in Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Mosul, and Egypt.
There is a long academic discussion of the phenomenum in this book...

sensitive people pick up ideas that "something is coming": nut cases, pious people, but also artists, writers, and even film makers. And of course, there are charlatans who fake these things for monetary value.

But icons weeping oil are either objective miracles or frauds. Which one is this?

The last time I heard about the holy oil phenomenum was in Damascus...Uh Oh: war going on there now too.

With Christians in the US having the choice between a Hillary, who will continue the Obama war against traditional religion and morals, and enable a Supreme court to legalize euthanasia (similar to Baby Trudeau in Canada) and a charlatan, who will probably not recognize these things are important but encourage discrimination against America's newest immigrants, there are plenty of reasons to think that something "bad" might be coming, and it doesn't take a weeping icon to make people worry about it...

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