Thursday, June 30, 2016

Before there was Bernie, Robert Reich spilled the beans

I mentioned Robert Reich in my last blog rant...

I am not sure if his book "The Work of Nations" was a description for warning people, or a guidebook for those making the NWO. I presume the first.

I don't have his book here with me, but this book review by Scott London summarizes his prediction/warning.

Reich divides American jobs into three broad categories for assessing their contribution to new the global economy. These are "symbolic- analytic" services, routine production services, and "in-person" services.

The first of these is carried out by what Reich calls "symbolic analysts" engineers, attorneys, scientists, professors, executives, journalists, consultants and other "mind workers" who engage in processing information and symbols for a living.

these are the winners.

  Routine production workers and in-person service workers will fare much worse in the new economy, according to Reich. Routine production workers include those who perform repetitive tasks — assembly line workers, data processors, foremen, and supervisors. Examples of in- person service workers are waitresses, janitors, hospital attendants, and child care workers.

these two catagories are losers.

 The economic fates of Americans are beginning to diverge, Reich observes. And the technocrats are becoming separated from the average person.

Reich notes, "symbolic analysts are quietly seceding from the large diverse publics of America into homogenous enclaves, within which their earnings need not be redistributed to people less fortunate than themselves."
His solution: More welfare to stop people from being poor, more education so they can get better jobs.

Since economics is my weak point, I suggest you read the whole thing, or better yet, read the book.

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