Friday, June 10, 2016

Chickens? Why not?

AnnAlthouse links to a post about Bill Gates promoting chickens in Africa.

My comment (since most of her comments are from the clueless):

Let me give you some background.
40 years ago, I worked in rural Africa as a doc, and we had a nutrition village to feed up malnourished kids and teach moms to supplement their diets. Part of the outreach was selling baby chicks...
Local chickens were mean, laid eggs in the bushes, and had few eggs. We imported hybrid chickens, to be kept in a cage so the eggs didn't get broken by predators. One egg a day would keep the 3 year old from dying of kwashiorkor. And we gave classes how to do this.
We got our funds from Oxfam.
He is funding something that will help, as long as the money goes to organizations that already do this work.
One problem: In Asia, backyard chickens have been banned due to Birdflu. Other "backyard" protein sources include rabbits (which we also used) or Cuys, aka guinea pigs, which a Colombian charity is promoting in the Congo. These are raised indoors as a protein source in the Andes.

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