Saturday, June 11, 2016

Destroying Land's End?

I usually have to get my land's end pants via the relatives who bring them here. It is almost impossible to find clothing or shoes that fit me in the Philippines, where most of the stuff is petit.

Usually I can usually find some if I look in the used clothing stuff, where often I find JCPenney cast offs (I even found a LLBean and Cherokee the other day). But pants are a problem, as are dresses.

My LandsEnd is a lot more expensive, but the stuff lasts for years, despite the careless laundress and cheap soap.

Ah, but now they have a CEO who wants to make it PC more "fashionable". And guess what? The company is now losing money.

More HERE.

Marchionni fundamentally misunderstands the company, and maybe the republic for which it stands.
Lands’ End is about America. It’s not for walking the runway, it’s for walking the dog. It isn’t for pickup bars, it’s for picking up the kids. It isn’t about the sizzle, it’s about the steak, or maybe even the Ball Park Frank. Lands’ End is small-d democratic: It is a declaration of independence sent to the fashion aristocrats and autocrats who would dictate terms to the citizens. We the people, not the editors of Vogue, will decide what we like to wear.
By contrast, Marchionni seems to have a vision of fanciful high-cheekboned swells in a Fellini movie wearing Lands’ End jackets loosely draped over their shoulders while sipping Campari and plucking imaginary grapes out of the air as they speak, but the vision is not, to Lands’ End customers, aspirational. It’s insulting.

and as Faustina at DaTechGuy points out: Not only do the clothes last forever, they have sizes that fit you. She is thin but needs Women's tall, and I use women's XL, and sometimes XL short. They even will cuff the pants for you if you are shorter than the usual length...

so I guess for now I'll stick with whatever is in the UkayUkay clothing kiosks.

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