Sunday, June 05, 2016

Family news

I am still low with a bad chest cold.

Ruby and Joy got back from Manila last night.
They did get the visa papers done so Ruby will be going to Japan.

Here, we let a church hold meetings in our meeting room in the business side of the compound...

School starts next week, so the church outreach is to give gift bags to the poor children in the neighborhood. Along with a service of preaching and happy singing (the churches give a pentecostal type service). They are good people and the kids can use the help.

We live inside town, not in a gated community, athough Lolo did buy a plot to build a house in a gated community outside of town so that they could convert this compound for business, but things went bad so I am still here.

The dogs are upset at all the noisy kids, so I have them here in my room to keep them from biting.

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