Friday, June 17, 2016

Headlines beneath the fold

Austin Bay reminds his audience that the real danger is not attacking a gun free gay bar (or even Disneyland) but the several Army bases nearby. And then essentially says what is being argued back and forth is nonsense. The problem is "lone wolfs" who are often known to the FBI but are still running around.

hmmm.. a couple of years ago, a sheriff arrested two Muslim kids with explosives on a road to an army base in one of the Carolinas, but the kids were left go. Any follow up of that incident?

But this was for terrorizing civilians. The result will be a President Trump, of course. which is why the press is pushing the danger of extremists white Christian homophobes and that the Trumpettes are no longer coming to his rallies.

And the "1968 is back" article of the day is Guccifer's hacking of the DNC's files with dirt on the Donald. Poor Nixon only had a couple of burglars to try to find these files, and got impeached.
today, of course, not only do the Chinese have my personnel files, thanks to a hack of the federal gov't,,  but Putin probably has Hillary's secret State Dept files (and maybe some personal stuff she would like to keep hidden).

On the other hand, the hackers are keeping track of the terrorist stuff too: There is a headsup there about an up and coming European attack

I won't comment on American politics, because I only read what others in the media are saying, not what is going on. That will give you a distorted picture..... I remember when Reagan was running, and all the shortwave European news  media was predicting he was crazy, and would start World War III...

the teerrorist of Orlando appeared in a documentary on the oil spill. Uh, wasn't that outside his area of expertise? So why did the leftists/ environmentalist ask his opinion? Because he was paranoid and angry, and they needed a paranoid angry "man on the street" comment? And why was he, as a "security guard" posted on a beach being cleaned up? Someone trying to steal oil residue?

LAPD on how to survive a terrorist shooter:

headsup SenseofEvents

te problem is, of course, that people freeze in emergencies. That is why Medical personnel constatntly train for CPR, and the military drills people to shoot. Unless you are trained, you have to "think" on what to do, and you can't really think straight due to fear/shock. But trained people respond automatically.

Again, I refer you to the previous post with the video of Lt Joe Kenda on why this makes "eye witness" testimony unreliable...


The most important link of the day: How to take a perfect selfie

Update: Ruby loved DisneyTokyo, and said it was much nicer than Disney Hong Kong.

Lots of stuff about the opening of Disney Shanghai but I almost missed this one: a couple of days ago, the LATimes reported two bombs at the airport in Shanghai, after which the bomber slit his own throat. more HERE

these things happen all the time, say the articles, and are usually locals protesting something, so no problem here, folks just move along.

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