Monday, June 06, 2016

Law and order stuff

How do you keep track of a couple million immigrants, including a lot of illegals?

Have them register with the cops and then go get them.

At least this is what China is doing:

headsup Weibo

presumably this is not aimed at tourists, who will be registered by their hotel clerks, but at Vietnamese and others who work there illegally.
Reuters article on Vietnamese workers in Chinese factories.
It mentions factory workers can get $250 a month pay...
Compare to our maids, 6-8 dollars a day (or our cook, 20 dollars a week and all the extra money/food she can steal/divert).

PhilSun article on a female Pinoy OFW who legally works there by using "temporary" tourist visas...

A similar story is in most countries, not just in the USA...

India has 650 thousand people working in the Middle East, some of them second generation. Discussion here.

this film tells the little known story about what happened when war broke out after Saddam invaded Kuwait...


StrategyPage: Farmers in Colombia are angry at cheap food imports. A report on that country, where one of my sons lives.

The main reason for the continued unrest is the government not keeping its promises, especially those regarding investing in rural areas to make life easier, and more profitable, for millions of poor farmers. The farmers also want more government subsidies (especially for fuel and farm supplies) and a curb on cheaper foreign food imports. But this would result in Colombian exports being blocked as the countries barred from selling to Colombia strike back. This would put a lot of Colombians out of work, but the farmers are not concerned about that. 

again, globalization is the problem, or maybe the solution?


So a tell all book on the Clintons hit the best seller page and Drudge?

Hiding in plain sight, of course. It's just that no one wanted to connect the dots...

reminds me of the quip in "Men In Black" where they pulled the tabloids to see what was really going on....


If you haven't gone there, check out Scott Adams, AKA Dilbert: the funniest commentator on the US election.Today he endorses Hillary, but I'm not sure she would be happy at his reason....


FYI: That story about a drunken priest yelling he was from the Vatican? He is a CofE vicar, not a Catholic priest, but unless you read beyond the headline you might be confused.

Presumably he found an easy con to earn money Jesus and now wants to spread the word among the street people (just ignore his alcohol problem).

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