Monday, June 27, 2016

Where is Mother Anglica when we need her?

The Pope continues to spread confusion with his politically correct  remarks.. usually he does this "off the cuff"... true, these remarks are not dogma, but they are pushed by the MSM as if they were.

One is reminded of this rant, by Mother Angelica, when the PC decided to have a lady mime represent Jesus at World Youth Day.

so where is the shepherd who guards the sheep from the wolves?

Alas, as Professor Podles, an expert on abuse in the church, lamented:
Franics is a "fixer", not a reformer.

Francis is a fixer. Whenever a parish or diocese experience a disaster, a fixer is sent in, as O’Malley was to Boston. Francis is the papal fixer. He is changing the subject from sexual abuse by his charm, hominess, and willingness to let people indulge their minor vices without a censoring voice from the clergy.A fixer differs from a reformer in that a fixer does not address the roots; he is not radical. He merely papers over the problem, merely puts a poultice on the cancer.

and given his recent letter on the family, which is being spun to destroy the sacredness of marriage, and his off the cuff remarks of the last few weeks, he is not even putting a poultice on the cancer of sexual degeneration and family breakdown: He is saying cancer is good for you, while condemning doctors who say radical surgery is necessary as being rigid and evil.

sorry, but I'm angry.

He has no right to destroy the church in order to get the PC and MSM to praise his actions.

update: Father Z said he was misquoted. 

Well, I'm tired of these constant misquotes and taken out of context defenses. This is a grown man who shouldn't have to be told over and over again to be cautious in speaking.

and if this was an isolated incident, I'd be more charitable.

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