Saturday, July 23, 2016

Apollo is back

I liked the Percy Jackson series, partly because one of my areas of interest outside of medicine is ancient Greece.

But although I looked forward to his Norse series, I found it too confusing: going up and down the tree of life made my head spin, and the main character is not as vulnerable or loyal to his friends as Percy Jackson.

But don't worry, kids: Percy is back (for the first three chapters anyway) when Zeus decides to punish Apollo for his misdeeds in the earlier series, and send him to earth as a 16 year old wimp with acne and sans superpowers.

and yes, Percy wrecks his mom's car again.

An easy way to teach your kids mythology.

The book just came out in paperback so I bought it for Ruby, who missed the end of the last series because she was reading House of Hades when her car got flooded in the typhoon a couple years ago... so she missed the end of the series.

Of course, now she is a bit beyond kidfiction, and into Jane Austen...

kids grow up fast.

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