Tuesday, July 26, 2016

China's noodle war

Halal noodle restaurant opens too close to another Halal noodle restaurant, and things then get a little crazy.



it is an ethnic fast food, and these restaurants are usually run by Chinese minorities.

Recipe HERE.

more HERE.including recipe.

these are essentially a spicy version of ramen noodle soup, but with nicer noodles, because they are hand pulled noodles, not the lousy ones in the packages, and include a spicy condiment (here, they give you this on the side to add if you wish).... and the oil added uses hot red peppers.

Heh. Wonder if they know peppers are from South America?

On the other hand, noodles are Chinese, aren't they?

NPR on the history of noodles.

Chinese use fresh dough noodles, not dried as is done in Italy, and the noodles might have made their way west with Genghis Khan, not Marco Polo.

In the US, my kids called this "Spaghetti soup" but here in the Philippines, it is called Mami noodles.

no, it doesn't get it's name from Mama but from MaMonLuk, who introduced the soup to Manila.

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