Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Family news

I now have the new electric cord, so can use my computer and not just my tablet. So I have 4 days of news to catch up with.

Yesterday was brownout again (putting up concrete poles to replace the termite eaten wooden ones, lifting up the sagging wires that get snagged on trucks, and replacing the spaghetti wires with newer cables).

I was mainly sick all day yesterday with the heat, despite the generator: I had to use my personal generator since the large one needs to be "fixed" again...the smaller one will run the airconditioner, but with the heat, I also had to run the refrigerator and fish pond pump (dead fish are a mess).

The new fish pump spews water 5 feet in the air, but the fish are a lot happier now: before they would lurk at the bottom or gasp in the surface, but now they swim around and play nicely.

Ruby pulled an "all nighter" with her books. Her mom had to leave at 3 am to meet others going on a trip to Laguna, so it was easier not to sleep at all...she'll probably sleep all day.

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