Sunday, July 10, 2016

Family news

Joy and Ruby got back from Manila last night...lots of flooding around her school there. Luckily the trains are high, so once they got to the train station they did okay.

Road flooding is common in Manila with rainstorms: inadequate drainage and sewers clogged with plastic bags and other garbage and litter.

Ruby told me about the new Jr Achievement project, which is to plan a new product to sell in Australia (meaning it will be in English, and sophisticated). Training young entrepeneurs one person at at ime.

They had this in my school when I was young,, but I was busy working and volunteering in hospitals so it didn't interest me. And I have no expertise in business.

As mnetioned before, we've had heavy rain and thunderstorms for the last few days. Minor flooding in the cities but good for the rice fields (as long as they don't flood too much).

Kuya is fixing up our garden really fancy. Lolo always only wanted plain grass, so had removed most of the plants etc from it, and although in the past we sat in the east garden gazeebo, once he got weaker we tended mainly to use the smaller north garden that belonged to our house.

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